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Eruv Map

This map is published as a public service and does not constitute an endorsement of this or any other eruv.

Please consult your personal Rav to determine if it is appropriate for you to use the Eruv.

The following information is taken from the New Haven Eruv website. Learn more at
The Halachic concerns of the New Haven Eruv are determined by the Halachah Committee.

"Using the Eruv involves the halachos regarding assumptions. Because many things can happen to invalidate the Eruv and thus frequent repairs are necessary, we must determine when the Eruv can be assumed to be in operation. For this reason the Eruv is checked every Friday morning. Once that inspection has been. successfully completed, the answering machine tape is set for that Shabbos. To ascertain that the Eruv is in operation on a given Shabbos, you must call the Eruv hotline, 203-387-3897 on Friday afternoon. Sometimes repairs are being made until close to Shabbos. Sometimes there is no answer at the hotline number; this happens when many people call at once. Please wait a few moments and call again. You cannot rely on the Eruv each week just because it was up the previous week. It is best to get in the habit of calling the hotline just before Shabbos.

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